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At Altruistic Nursing and Care, we are a licensed NDIS disability provider with over 7 years of  high quality service, dedicated to helping people with disabilities in NSW improve their wellbeing and live their best lives. We understand that every person’s needs are unique, so we offer a wide range of compassionate support that aligns with your personal goals and choices, enhancing your overall quality of life.

Our Services

At Altruistic Nursing and Care, our mission is simple yet profound:

to provide compassionate, personalized care and support to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

Home & Community Care

We assist with daily personal activities, helping you manage personal care, household tasks, and community engagement. Our team supports you in maintaining your independence and enhancing your quality of life in familiar surroundings.

Supported Independent Living

This service offers you the opportunity to live independently with our support. You'll receive the necessary assistance in our well-equipped facilities, designed to foster autonomy while providing the care you need.

Plan Management

Our plan management services take the hassle out of NDIS fund administration. We handle everything from budgeting to invoicing, ensuring your funding is used effectively to meet your goals.

Support Coordination

As your partner in navigating the NDIS landscape, we connect you with the right services. Our coordinators specialise in understanding your needs and ensuring you receive appropriate support from various NDIS providers

Additional Services

Complex Care

We develop care plans for those requiring more intensive support. Our services include managing chronic conditions, continuous health monitoring, and coordinating with medical professionals.

Mental Health Support

Our offerings include counselling NDIS services and support
from psychosocial recovery coaches, addressing NDIS mental health challenges comprehensively.

Domestic Assistance

With our NDIS domestic assistance services, we offer household
management including cleaning, meal preparation, and laundry, ensuring your home environment is safe and welcoming.

Social and Community Access

We help you engage with community activities and social events, facilitating connections and enhancing social well-being.

Shopping and Meal Preparation

We assist with NDIS shopping services, such as grocery purchases and meal prep, ensuring you have nutritious meals aligned to your
dietary needs.

Personal Care

Focussed on supporting daily personal activities. Our carers assist with grooming, bathing, and other NDIS personal care needs.

Transport and Travel Services

Safe and reliable NDIS transport options are available, enabling you to attend appointments, visit family, and more without hassle.

Keeping Active

Our NDIS personal trainers work with you to create exercise routines
that are safe, effective, and enjoyable, promoting physical health and mobility.

Support Coordination

We collaborate with you over the length of your plan to ensure you have the right supports for your needs, address problems, and assist you in achieving your objectives.

Frequently asked questions

What is the NDIA?The National Disability Insurance Agency manages the NDIS,
helping Australians access necessary services.

Will I need to pay extra?No additional fees are required; your NDIS funding fully
covers our services.

Is Altruistic Nursing an approved NDIS provider?Yes, we are a recognised provider for various NDIS support categories, including home care and NDIS complex care services.

How will I know if my NDIS budget is sufficient?Our plan management services include monitoring your budget through the Altruistic Nursing Client Portal, accessible

Is there a spending cap on NDIS services?Charges are regulated by the NDIA, ensuring services are provided within the price guidelines.

Can I receive services without NDIS approval?Yes, if you are awaiting approval or do not qualify, we offer private payment options, ensuring you receive necessary support

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