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Our qualified Carers will help you live independently through our experienced and compassionate home care.

What are Home Care Packages?

The Australian government has launched a programme called Home Care Packages to support older persons in maintaining their independence at home while interacting with the community. A package of care, services, and case management is subsidised by the programme in order to better fulfil each person’s requirements.

A distinct subsidy amount is assigned to you and paid to your provider for each of the four support levels, which range from basic care to high-level care.

Our Services

Check-ins and wellbeing

Our friendly team can provide companionship, and spend time with you for your wellbeing.


Assistance getting from A to B, with support from our friendly team if you need it.

Domestic assistance

Get help for all kinds of household tasks, to ensure your home remains clean and tidy.

In-home nursing

Nursing in the comfort of your own home to manage ongoing illness, medications, pain.

Home modifications

Assistance with minor alterations around your home for your daily activities.

Personal care

Discreet and respectful support with daily tasks of a personal nature.

Health services

Expert support for your physical and mental well-being so you can enjoy little things.

Grocery shopping

We offer support with grocery shopping and organize meal delivery.

2023-24 Home Care Package Price Guide

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4 Steps to Get Home Care

Call Us

Before you get an ACAT or ACAS assessment, chat with us to make sure you're prepared. Give us a call.

Get Assessed

Arrange an ACAT assessment and determine your level of required care.

Arrange Your Services

Choose Altruistic Nursing as your home care provider and we can arrange your home care needs.

Start Getting Help at Home

Work with us to change your services depending on what you need. You're never locked in!


What is Home Care?

We understand there’s no place like home. That’s why we offer a wide range of in-home aged care services so you or your loved one can remain living independently at home. From making daily tasks easier with transport to the shops, cooking or cleaning to improving health and wellness, clinical services and more, we’re here to help you maintain your lifestyle at home for longer.

Home Care Services (also commonly referred to as in-home care) can be Government subsidised under either the Commonwealth Home Specific Programme (CHSP) for basic-level care, or Home Care Packages (HCP) for multiple or more complex requirements.

Who is eligible for a home care package?

To be eligible for the Home Care Package program, you need to be:

  • An older person in need of services to help you stay in your home
  • A younger person with dementia or other special car¢ needs that are not met through other specialist services
  • Approved through My Aged Care

How much is a home care package?

There are four levels of care and funding:

Level 1 supports with a basic level of support and is valued at approximately $9,179 per year
Level 2 will fund you for $16,147 worth of services
Level 3 gives you $35,138 worth of services
Level 4 home care package, you receive approximately $53,258 worth of care per year

What's the difference between CHSP and Home Care Packages?

CHSP or the Commonwealth Home Support Program is an entry-level home support program. You need a formal assessment which is organised through My Aged Care, as you would for the Home Care Package program. You do not need an income assessment to access the CHSP program whereas an income assessment is needed for the Home Care Package Program in order to determine whether or not you need to contribute to the cost of your care.
On CHSP, you would be provided with the specific individual services you need, whereas a Home Care Package is more flexible. You can book and change the type of services as you need to as well as purchase products using your package funds.

Who will provide my care?

There are many approaches we take to ensure the right Care Worker is matched to you depending on your needs and preferences. We employ Care Workers based on their qualifications, skills, experience and alignment with our company’s mission and values.  We also have case management expertise and ongoing reviews of your care needs by our experienced Care Advisors to ensure your maintaining your health, independence and lifestyle at home for longer.

Redefining the home care experience.

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Self Managed

The Self Managed package management tier offered by Altruistic Nursing & Care provides increased autonomy in managing your Home Care Package, allowing you to allocate your funds towards care and support services. Gain control over your home care package by determining the allocation of funds, selecting your support workers, and scheduling their visits according to your preferences.

By opting to self-manage your Home Care Package with Altruistic Nursing & Care, you gain the ability to:

1.Maximise your care hours by taking advantage of reduced package management costs and hourly rates.
2.Create your care plan and budget in collaboration with your dedicated care partner.
3.Take charge of allocating your Home Care Package funds.
4.Discover services at rates that are agreeable to your preferences.



Engage in a conversation with one of our friendly Self-Management Specialists to see if self-managing your home care package is suitable for you.

We will guide you through:
1.Strategies for Regaining Control and Extending Your Time at Home
2.Self-Management vs Provider-Management
3.What is the maximum amount of additional assistance and hours that you could receive?